Moss Custom Leather (MCL) is owned and operated by Mark Moss and a small staff.  Every piece produced is custom crafted by Mark himself.


Perfection Is In The Small Details
  1. Tom Brown Tracker Sheath
    Tom Brown Tracker Sheath
    You have to feel it to believe it. 10 oz of double hard rolled vegatble tan leather. (Tough as Wood Pecker Lips) We embedded rare earth magnets to ensure your tracker stays secure. Two 10 oz thick carry straps secure the sheath to your belt in a "rear carry" position. Freeing up valuable belt space. $165.00.
  2. Custom Knife Sheaths
    Custom Knife Sheaths
    Each sheath is custom, hand-designed to meet your needs and specifications. We don't use edge paint or dressing, we hand finish & dye all edges. Shown right: Black bridle leather, solid brass rivets with dangler. Please call us to discuss and order your next sheath. Range: $90.00 & up
  3. Footed Knife Strop
    Footed Knife Strop
    Our Strops are made of high end, custom cut wood. We then use our Wickett & Craig 8oz. leather on top, custom cut for each base. Wood is 1/2" thick w/ rubber, non-skid feet. $50.00 Lenght: 14" Leather area is 14" x 3-1/4" Width: 3 1/4"
  4. Roll-up Leather Strop
    Roll-up Leather Strop
    he strop can be rolled and attached to your backpack, belt or other item for easy of carry. Made of single-ply, 7 oz leather, we use solid brass rivets it ensure no rusting or flaking. The top loop allows you to attach the strop to a tree or other fixed item for ease of sharping. Total length open is approx 12" of "work area," and 2" wide. $35.00
  5. Dog Collars
    Dog Collars
    The medium sized collar (shown) is 3/4 inchs wide and just short of 1/4 inch thick. Measurements dependent on your breed and needs. All hardware is solid brass so it will not flake or peel-ever. The solid brass D-ring is attached with four brass rivets. The strongest pulling dog will not detach the ring from the collar. $35.00 - $75.00
  6. Custom Leads
    Custom Leads
    Made of 14oz (1/4 inch thick) harness leather. All our hardware is 100% solid brass. It will not chip or flake - ever. The dog lead has a D-ring at the handle for a bag dispenser. We also include a circle-ring to allow you to hang you leash from any hook or secure it around you when not in use. This leather looks great now and will look even better with use and wear. Water will not cause marks or discoloration.
  7. Electronic Fence Dog Collar
    Electronic Fence Dog Collar
    The medium sized collar (shown) is 1.25 inches wide, 1/4+ inches thick (lined) and fits a full grown Lab or similar sized dog. All hardware is solid brass so it will not flake or peel -ever. The solid brass D-ring is attached with four brass rivets. $50.00 - $85.00
Made to carry and use in all conditions.  

Unfinished Edge

Finished Edge

Finished Sheath

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