Moss Custom Leather (MCL) is owned and operated by Mark Moss and a small staff.  Every piece produced is custom crafted by Mark himself.


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Meet The Team

By way of background, Mark is a graduate of VMI and a veteran of the US Army, where he served overseas as an artillery officer.  After that, he entered law enforcement as a patrol officer with a local department in Virginia, where he served for over three years.  From there, Mark made the move into federal law enforcement, becoming a Special Agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, a job he performed for over 20 years, retiring in 2016.  Mark has been deeply interested in weapons his entire life.  Naturally, this interest has always included related equipment and accessories. After carrying a gun as a professional tool for nearly three decades, as well as having a life long personal interest in weapons and their ancillary gear, Mark managed to form some pretty specific opinions.   One of the most critical, and overlooked, pieces of any defensive handgun system is a good belt.

Over the decades, Mark spent a small fortune on leather, to the point that he now owns examples from just about every famous holster maker and company out there, going back to the late ‘80s.  Mark found things that worked and things that did not, never stopping his quest for the “perfect” gear.  Eventually, he started to make his own leather belts and holsters as a hobby.

Mark made and used several types of his own belts for years at work.  Soon, his co-workers, seeing the quality of his work, began asking him to make belts for them.  For the last several years of his law enforcement career, Mark continued to make belts for a select list of friends and professional colleagues.  Of course, Mark continued to study, learn and practice as more and more of his products were produced.  Dozens of his belts are currently in use by local, state and federal law enforcement agents across the country and the world.  MCL is proud and humbled by the fact that serving law enforcement officers have chosen our products to carry into harm's way, to literally trust their lives to the quality and craftsmanship we put into everything that we create.

With that said, we at MCL never stop trying to improve.  We have always made the extra effort to elicit feedback from the users.  We still do.  It is this consistent pursuit of excellence that has resulted in products that are as good or better than anything we have come across.

With Mark's recent retirement from service as an active federal agent, he founded MCL and has begun offering his products to a wider clientele.  We create products that are not only perform their functions flawlessly, but that look good as well.

In that regard, several things set our products apart from others currently available.  We incorporate several lifetimes of career law enforcement experience into everything we make.  We seek out and utilize the very best American made materials we can find.  We are meticulous during every step of construction of every product (for example, it typically takes a minimum of four hours of hand crafting to create every custom made belt).

Speaking of our belts, each is made one at a time, in response to a specific order.  They are custom crafted to fit the user perfectly, based on a series of measurements and requests provided by the customer.  Our belts are made to between 14 and 16 ounces (approximately 1/4" in thickness).  We do not use steel or polymer inserts, choosing instead to create our belts with two pieces of high quality leather.  Finally, every belt is personally made and inspected by Mark before it leaves our shop, to insure the only products to go out are those that Mark himself would be willing to carry into harm's way.    
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